VAV Shaping the Future - One Voice at a Time

VAV – Shaping the Future Report

This was such a great project to be involved in! A group of very brave and committed young people got together to raise awareness of domestic violence in Scotland.  This report includes the results of a survey they conducted nationwide that  was to be presented to parliament.  They wanted something that would completely jump out at the MSP’s from all the other reports they would have lying on their desk and a big part of the brief was to incorporate hand drawings that were created by young people at various workshops throughout the project and also an illustrated story line of how VAV came about. The comic theme was a great way to pull these two things together and also offered some imaginative ways to present the facts and figures that could otherwise have looked a little dull. The overall project and film they produced was an immense success and culminated in a special screening at the Omni Centre in Edinburgh. If you’d like to read a bit more about it, have a look at their site

VAV Report - Internal Spread

VAV Survey Charts